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2018-05-25 Spain: Renovating Educational Buildings for Energy Consumption Awareness

Renovating Educational Buildings for Energy Consumption Awareness




PS ID: PS-ES-106366
Status: Open
Date of last Modification: 15/05/2018
Date of Publication: 15/05/2018

Proposal Outline: 

Topic: LC-SC3-EE-1-2018-2019-2020

REBECA is a project focused in the renovation of educational buildings, from children’s school to universities, with the objective of improving indoor comfort conditions considering air quality, lighting, acoustics, and energy efficiency.

The target of the project is to reduce the high energy consumption of European building stock, facing the challenge of the decarbonisation of our community and adapting the existing stock to the more extreme and common variations due to climate change as temperature increase and heat waves during school period (May to June).

REBECA will offer a holistic approach for renovation of educational buildings starting from class monitoring, going through evaluation software, contributing with technical solutions, up to reach a direct and practical awareness of students around all the European Union with its consequent viral effect.

REBECA will provide a methodology for the renovation of educational buildings following:

 1. Monitoring: The first phase will focus in the monitoring of the classrooms. Through the installation of sensors we will track temperature, humidity, suspended particles, CO2 concentration, microbiological parameters, lighting, energy consumption, noise... The objective is to obtain starting data that will help in the renovation of the key aspects of each classroom.

 2. Simulation software: development of a calculation software, based in a digital model of the building (BIM Model) that will help in the decision making process of renovation and the improvements measures in classrooms. This software will be focused in the calculation of HVAC, lighting, ventilation, acoustics and thermal, comparing different solutions.

 3. Renovation: the renovation will be focused in the application of innovative technical solutions or combination of existing solutions to improve thermal behaviour, acoustic behaviour, lighting, ventilation and HVAC. The main objective is to provide with easy and punctual solutions, that doesn’t mean a complete renovation of the building with the less class disturbance effect and at the same time that modifies the general comfort of the users.

 4. Awareness: the project in parallel will be focused in the awareness of the users, students and teachers, about energy consumption, CO2 emissions, energy savings... This process will be linked with the other 3 processes (monitoring, simulation software and renovation). The objective is to deploy all the information obtained during this processes in a simplified way that will be accessible and recognisable to raise awareness among users about energy consumption and they environment. This information will be digitally represented in the classrooms for a better impact.


REBECA will test its system in at least three demo buildings of the European Union where it can prove its practical impact, both energetic and user comfort.


Required skills and Expertise: 

We seek for partners owners of scalable, replicable, modular, plug&play innovative technologies at a stage of TRL5/TRL6, with a direct impact on energy efficiency, regarding:



Heating/Air conditioning




Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought: 

Fine-tune their solutions under the project execution

Ensure that solutions are available to be tested in the different participating contries (certifications, standards, etc)

Demonstrate & evaluate their solution under the three schools pilots

Type of partner(s) sought: 

Industrial players, manufacturers of energy efficient solutions.

Looking for a Coordinator for your proposal: 



Organisation:Soros Gabinete
Type of Organisation:
Industry - SME