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2018-03-16 Brussels: Personal Wind Atlas


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PS ID: PS-B1-106182
Status: Open
Date of last Modification: 16/03/2018
Date of Publication: 16/03/2018

Proposal Outline: 

Fast Track to Innovation (2018-2019)

Cutoff data 31 May 2018   

Project idea: A cloud-based wind resource modelling tool targeted to wind energy product developers

We are a technology and consultancy company in the sustainable energy sector. We offer several SaaS solutions in this domain being SynaptiQ Solar & Wind, SynaptiQ Building and Solar Data Services.

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The other partners for this proposal come from the world of wind energy and geo-mapping. However, one element of our solution would be the ability to run complex computations in the cloud at limited costs. Our architecture is micro-services based and containerized.

Currently we are launching the computations ourselves on an HPC cluster but we consider porting this to the cloud, e.g. by using AWS spot instances. The computing costs will be decisive for the operational cost of our commercial services. Orchestrating this is still a challenge to us. An IT company specializing into innovative solutions for this kind of problems would be a great complementary partner.


Required skills and Expertise: 

You are an innovating ICT company that can orchestrate large containerized jobs with spot instances in the cloud to minimize computing costs.

The FTI is very exploitation oriented. Therefore, ideally you would be pursuing a product innovation from your side that could become part of the project and help us to achieve this goal.

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought: 

Development and demonstration of the necessary tools to achieve relable computing at low costs using spot instances in the cloud.

Type of partner(s) sought: 

Ideally SME or larger enterprise

Applied R&D centre if you are sure you can contribute a significant innovation close to the market and have a clear exploitation plan.

Looking for a Coordinator for your proposal: 



Type of Organisation:
Industry - SME
Belgium -Brussels