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2018-03-16 Austria: Open Standardized and Secure Platforms for Complicated Industrial Data Assets

Open Standardized and Secure Platforms for Complicated Industrial Data Assets

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PS ID: PS-AT-106170
Status: Open
Date of last Modification: 16/03/2018
Date of Publication: 16/03/2018
Evaluation Scheme: single-stage
Closure Date: 17 April 2018
Proposal Outline: 

The proposal aims to:

Develop a product life cycle management framework that supports the data management throughout all the different phases.

Identify data security issues in all aforementioned phases and work-out appropriate tools and methods that can be used within the product life cycle management framework.

Agree on data formats consisting of corresponding syntax, semantics and context to enable a data exchange, data hand-over and the exchange of vendors and operators during the product life cycle.

Demonstrate the approach in either

high complex products – like airplane, security industry, motor development etc.,

high cooperatively developed products – like airplanes, car production, buildings etc.,

long lasting and repeating product life cycles – like evolutions of towns, manufacturing lines, etc.


Required skills and Expertise: 

We are looking for a:

(1) SaaS Marketplace Operator Data Marketplace Operator or any similar for of operating a marketplace of cloud offering.

The core competence we are looking for is:

(a) experience in operation (24/4; helpdesk, SLA, ...)

(b) providing SaaS, BPaaS, or Data offerings in a marketplace / portal

(c) Cloud offerings / operation including deployment is appreciated but not necessary


Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought: 

We are seeking operation competence, the work will be:

(a) provide an already running marketplace / portal etc. where offerings are provided and in case the use buys them, the operation is performed.

(b) configuring and adapting the system that it interacts with our PENELOPE middleware that is provided by commercial tool vendors (no research prototypes, but tools from commercial vendors)

(c) adaptation and integration of tools and research prototypes for demonstration reasons.

(d) providind on appropriate level authentication, identification, billing, roll-out / deployment as part of the operation

Type of partner(s) sought: 

We are looking for industrial partners, who is already successfully on the market and wants to extend their offerings from currenct SaaS, Workflows, or similar to data offerings; or who already have data offerings.

SMEs are welcome


Looking for a Coordinator for your proposal: 



Organisation:BOC-Asset Management GmbH
Type of Organisation:
Industry - SME