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2018-02-04 United Kingdom: SEP-210497378


PS ID: PS-UK-105875
Status: Open
Date of last Modification: 04/02/2018
Date of Publication: 04/02/2018
Evaluation Scheme: multiple cut-off
Closure Date: 13 May 2020

Proposal Outline: 

A radically new approach to zero-emission propulsion from high-power high-repetition-rate ultrashort pulse laser sources in novel inward radial arrays that through constructive interference and superposition provides a unique decoupled free space reactive platform that interacts with bound charges of a structurally mounted dielectric surface.

Such an all electric propulsion technology is in demand to alleviate climate concerns and also a viable means of propulsion in space, propellantless propulsion having already been identified by NASA in their breakthrough propulsion physics programme 1996-2002.

Ultrashort single and sub-cycle laser pulses having highly asymmetric fields have already demonstrated non-zero momentum transfer albeit on a tiny scale, and inward radial arrays have generated extremely high and predominantly electric fields not for propulsion but for particle pair production from vacuum space, the opportunity thus now exists for the scaling of this propulsion potential that not only resolves critical issues but also has an market that is unprecedented in scale that is essential for the future sustainability of our transport infrastructure. The laser sources already exist, and partners for a feasibility study are invited to join this groundbreaking study.


Required skills and Expertise: 

Researchers in the study of high-energy femtosecond pulse sources and/or simulation studies of their applications would be essential partners in this breakthrough physics feasibility study, a field that has the potential to finally end our dependence on energy that powered the industrial revolution two centuries ago. Propulsion being the last major field yet to benefit from quantum technology that is now evident in compact mobile phones, cameras and computers. 

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought: 

Feasibility study of the concept

Type of partner(s) sought: 

Research or manufacturing organisations in: Ultrashort laser sources. Photonics, Electret type materials, Ultrafast QED simulations.

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Organisation:Solid State Dynamics Ltd
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