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2018- 01-17 Belgium: End-user Engagement in Transition to Integrated Care Models




PS ID: PS-B1-105735
Status: Open
Date of last Modification: 17/01/2018
Date of Publication: 17/01/2018
Evaluation Scheme: single-stage
Closure Date: 14 November 2018

Proposal Outline: 

EFN is looking to be a partner (end-user) within a consortium's proposal for the call SC1-DTH-10-2019-2020: Digital health and care services. The EFN would have the core role of providing concrete input in addressing key challenges such as patient empowerment, self-management, patient safety, patient involvement, chronic disease management, diagnosing, home-care logistics, hospital logistics, skills and independent living. In parallel, the EFN input can be crucial in identifying and understanding the implications for training (including aspects of organisational, digital health literacy and new collaborative innovation principles and practises), management, and retention of healthcare staff under this topic. The EFN would be crucial to a consortium aiming to assist procurers that intend to prepare for a cross-border innovation procurement. We have confidence that representing 3 million nurses must have some value in cross-sectoral innovation procurement and in helping to improve and accelerating innovation procurement in all EU Members States. We believe that the insights of real actors within the health and care ecosystem are key to develop valuable project proposals aiming to shape innovation in health and social care systems.


Required skills and Expertise: 

Experts in coordinating EU projects; experts in health digital solutions

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought: 

The partner would coordinate the project and develop an upscaling case study to implement innovation able to facilitate the early adoption and transferability (to other local contexts) of successful solutions addressing the implementation gap.

Type of partner(s) sought: 

Public procurers, Hospitals, Research Institutes, Universities, Municipalities

Looking for a Coordinator for your proposal: 



Organisation:European Federation of Nurses Associations
Department:EU policy
Type of Organisation:
Belgium -Brussels