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2017-12-20 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Remmediation of the Mining Sludge Deposits along Europe for Nanotechnology Applications


Remmediation of the Mining Sludge Deposits along Europe for Nanotechnology Applications

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(the page 43 in the work programe describes exactly the subject which project proposes)

The project will explore the potential for synthesis of zinc and lead nanoparticles derived
exclusively from the mining sludge. The concept has not been studied in the scientific
world literature before, since the mining industry focuses only on potential of its waste as a rough raw
material in general construction and metal industry. The idea of using the metal mining sludge as a raw
material for nanochemistry is an original concept developed by the project proposal
principal investigator.
The project will develop the complete synthesis procedures for zinc and lead nanoparticles
using the procedures applied only on the waste from iron mines (also by proposer). It was shown as possible
to completely rely on this resource and cost-effectively produce the iron-oxide nanoparticles with high
purity. The procedures have been developed for hematite (alpha iron oxide) and maghemite (gamma iron
oxide) nanoparticles. Sludge was demonstrated to be easily processible, usually finely granulated material
rich in remaining metallic ions, which can be effectively converted into the ionic solution becoming a
valuable raw material for nanochemistry procedures. The same concept will be tested on the zinc/lead
mining waste. The project will prove that it is possible to synthesize the zinc and lead
nanoparticles of high purity, by using only ionic liquids obtained through the purification of the mining
sludge. The results will contribute strongly to the green mining and will show that metal mining sludge is
absolutely sufficient, sustainable resource for production of nanomaterials. It will open new perspectives and
guide scientists and producers into elimination of the energy consuming processes for production of metallic
salts and their consequent application in nano-synthesis, by showing the metal ions are readily available and
easily accessible inside the mining sludge.

In Bosnia, this concept is easily applicable on the very active mines along the country. However, in West Europe and new EU countries, the mining practice is mostly abandoned, while the mining sludge deposits remain somehow "hidden" and unexplored (In UK, Switzerland, Poland etc.)

All the partner's ideas are very welcome to be combined with these Bosnian-developed ideas!
Project proposer:   Suzana GOTOVAC ATLAGIĆ (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
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Partner organisation:  Research
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Countries sought: Austria, DEUTSCHLAND, Ireland, POLSKA, ESPAÑA, Switzerland, Brazil, India, Morocco