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2017-07-26 Albania: Development of Tourism Industry in Southern Albania Through Transnational Cooperation with Incubation/Acceleration Organization Networks


Development of Tourism Industry in Southern Albania Through Transnational Cooperation with Incubation/Acceleration Organization Networks

Description of the project offered: 
This project presents an initiative which will rehabilitate, protect, preserve, and promote the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI’s) of national significance through SMEs along the coastal and mountainous areas of Southern Albania, with a focus on the natural touristic corridor Route Epirus. This route connects the Adriatic Sea ports of Borsh, Qeparo, and Saranda, through the Kurvelesh region and to Sopik in the East, a cross border area to Zagori in Greece. 
Route Epirus includes national monuments of cultural significance and/or UNESCO sites such Butrint and Gjirokaster; the Castle of Tepelena, the Blue Eye in Saranda, the canyons of Nivica and the Vjosa River. Cultural facilities, including restored buildings, will provide an example of traditional architecture and serve as lodging for tourism. 
These sites provide a supportive environment for the facilities of tourism, yet few locals have thus far become engaged in the tourism industry. 
With this project, the NCA plans to promote ecotourism, cultural tourism, adventure tourism and wilderness tourism through increased tourist traffic through Route Epirus. This will be aided by the implementation of English-learning programs for business owners as a means to increase accessibility for transnational tourism; the introduction of incubation and acceleration organizations to aid the the villager population in entering the underdeveloped tourism market; and workshops, match-making programs, and networking events to foster an active link between businesses for the purposes of innovation.
These objectives will work to improve practices and sustainable usage of natural assets through minimizing physical, social, behavioural, and psychological impacts on the environment; building environmental and cultural awareness and respect; constructing and operating low-impact facilities for the purposes of creating new businesses and jobs; and providing positive experiences for both visitors and hosts. 
This ancient route is also transnational. On the western side, ferry boats make their runs daily to Italy via the Adriatic. Continuing east on Route Epirus will take you to Greece.
Project proposer:   Amanda West West (Albania)
Partner role:  Project coordinator 
Partner organisation:  Public administration
Call for proposal identifier:  COS-EINET-2017-3-04

Description of the collaboration sought: 
The National Coastal Agency is looking to collaborate with incubation and acceleration organizations; international organizations with projects that promote transnational tourism; organizations that are creating innovative CCI products; and organizations with expertise in sustainability and ecotourism practices, with experience promoting environmentally-safe practices along the entire value chain. 

Any additional partners will also be considered if they contribute to the overall objectives of the project and are welcomed to apply. 
Expertise sought: Intellectual property rights, Research ethics, Business aspects, Scientific research, Coordination. Cooperation, Innovation. Technology transfer, Evaluation, Forecasting, Legislation. Regulations, Policies, Security, Employment issues, Regional development, Economic aspects, Information. Media, Education. Training, Social aspects, Climate change and Carbon cycle research, Clean coal technologies, Sustainable development, Radioactive waste, Waste management, Radiation protection, Environmental protection, Safety, Project management methodologies, Standards, Reference materials, Measurement methods, Water resource management, Agricultural biotechnology, Resources of the sea. Fisheries, Food, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Other technology, Robotics, Automation, Space and satellite research, Industrial biotech, Nanotechnology and Nanosciences, Network technologies, ICT Applications, Materials technology, Construction technology, Aerospace technology, Transport, Telecommunications, Information processing. Information systems, Electronics. Microelectronics, Industrial manufacture, 
Roles sought: Project participant, 
Organisation types sought: 
Countries sought: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, 

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