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2017-03-27 Italy: Implementation of Energy Analysis


Implementation of Energy Analysis

Description of the project offered: 
Staff trainings and capacity building programmes to enhance corporate policy towards energy efficiency, energy culture (motivations, behaviour change, mitigation of perceived risks and barriers) and sustainable supply-chain initiatives. All actors (from decision makers/corporate board members to employees in each department including purchase) should be targeted. Proposals should demonstrate how the proposed activities will be continued commercially beyond the project lifetime. Involvement of relevant multiplier organisations is encouraged.
Type of action under this topic: 
CSA (Coordination and Support Action ) . Funding rate: 100% 
Project objectives:
Qualify 254 persons in Energy Management; Environmental Management (ref. UNI CEI 11339: 2009 - UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 - UNI CEI EN ISO 50001: 2011)
Certify all partners and organizations / companies involved (No. 85) according to UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 - UNI CEI EN ISO 50001: 2011
Provide Partner (CBs and Universities) an open tool to continue education, aimed at fostering the skills on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency
Project proposal: 
Main partner 
• ITA - International Technical Alliance (Certification Body) 
• Studio Responsive srl - International Learning Service Provider – Project Designer

Activities of preliminary study
• Analysis of state of the art of energy and environmental competencies of organizations involved
• Analysis of the level environmental sensitivity of staff involved
Activities of preliminary and final Energy Analysis
• Implementation of Preliminary Energy Analysis of each organization involved with Certified Energy Managers (one per country)
• Implementation of Follow-up Energy Analysis in each organization involved with Certified Energy Managers (one per country)
Training activities
• BLENDED courses (e-learning with tests in the presence and possible training on the job) to:
o " Energy Manager Qualification- UNI CEI 11339"
o "Designer / Auditor Environmental Management Systems UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015"
o "Designer / Energy Management Systems Auditor UNI CEI EN ISO 50001: 2011";
• Implementation of a LMS platform certified that can be used:
o To provide e-learning as part of Blended courses 
o as MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) by partners at the end of the project , for the development of skills in energy and the environment over time
Project proposer:   Ana Maria Solis (Italy)
Partner role:  Project coordinator 
Partner organisation:  Small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)
Call for proposal title:  CALL: ENERGY EFFICIENCY CALL 2016-2017 
Call for proposal identifier:  H2020-EE-2016-2017

Description of the collaboration sought: 
• Studio Responsive srl - International Learning Service Provider – Project Designer 
Sought partners 
• 6 Certification Bodies CBs or CBs Agencies (1 per country)
• 7 Universities - with courses in environmental science / energy engineering (an Italian + 1 per country)
Sought countries :
• All EU Countries and countries described in part A of the General Annexes of the General Work Programme.
SMEs involved
• 10 SMEs without previous energy audit for each country involved.
Staff involved
• At least 3 people for each organization involved, including Partner (CBs and universities), of which at least one with the role of decision-maker in the own organization. 
Expertise sought: Intellectual property rights, Scientific research, Innovation. Technology transfer, Education. Training, Clean coal technologies, Sustainable development, Environmental protection, Project management methodologies, Reference materials, Measurement methods, Other energy topics, Hydrogen and fuel cells, Biofuels, Energy saving, Energy storage. Energy. Transport, Renewable sources of energy, Fossil fuels, Nuclear fusion, Nuclear fission, 
Roles sought: Project participant, 
Organisation types sought: 
Countries sought: Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, 

Call for proposal specific information
The referenced call for proposals has no specific fields defined.