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2016-11-07 Bulgaria: High Efficiency Electric Motor

Description of the project offered: 

Will create a new product "Highly Efficiency Electric Motor" based on two patent applications made by NRG Tech Ltd.:
1. VARIABLE MAGNETIC POLE PAIR NUMBER SYNCHRONOUS ELECTRIC MOTOR. Having the ability to alter magnetic pole pair number vastly increases performance in terms of RPM and torque. By selecting between two sets of magnetic poles torque range and RPM range can be extended significantly and can be very useful in Electric Vehicles (EV). Seamless for the driver on board computer can select appropriate pole pair number according to road conditions. In fact the motor acts
like it has superefficient built in gear box. Having intelligent Rotor Switching Device (RSD) on the rotor brings additional functionality to any kind of electric motor or generator. Variety of sensors mounted on the rotor can be monitored by the RSD and information about rotor status transmitted to a monitoring station. For instance temperature, vibrations, material stress levels, currents through individual coils and slip rings condition can be monitored. This way, rotor failures can be avoided or at least anticipated. This can be very helpful in applications where reliability is paramount, like aircraft, medical devices and other.
2. BRUSHLESS DOUBLY FED ELECTRIC MACHINE with advantages as better efficiency – lower currents in rotor and stator. No rare earth magnets. Very precise field control. Longer range and longer battery life. Less mechanical maintenance – rotor is cooler and saves bearings. Water cooling may not be needed. Voltage boosting may not be needed. Smaller, less powerful motor could drive the same vehicle.
Activities would be focused on research, testing, prototyping, piloting, demonstration, validation in lab etc. aiming to bring an innovation product to industrial readiness.
Project proposer:   Lachezar Petkanchin (Bulgaria)
Partner role:  Project coordinator 
Partner organisation:  Research
Call for proposal title:  CALL: HORIZON 2020 DEDICATED SME INSTRUMENT 2016-2017 
Call for proposal identifier:  H2020-SMEINST-2016-2017

Description of the collaboration sought: 
Manufacturer of electric drivetrains for electric vehicles and/or components. 

I head a small independent research team in the field of electric machines. Recently PCT issued a positive report on patentability of my innovative variable magnetic pole number synchronous electric machine. Patent Application- US2015364978 and International Preliminary Report on Patentability from PCT are attached. I believe this invention could turn to be very useful in traction application as changing number of magnetic poles could help optimize the system according to momentary RPM and torque requirements. In fact this invention combines a mechanical energy source (electric motor) with a purely electromagnetic gear box (no mechanical friction) into one compact device. 

I would like to find a partner to help continue research and develop these ideas into a range of products. 
Expertise sought: Coordination. Cooperation, Innovation. Technology transfer, Energy storage. Energy. Transport, Transport, Industrial manufacture, 
Roles sought: Project coordinator, Project participant, 
Organisation types sought: 
Countries sought: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Croatia, Norway, Switzerland, 

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