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2016-10-18 Sweden: European Cultural Values in Flux - Past, Present, Future

European Cultural Values in Flux - Past, Present, Future

Description of the project offered: 
We are looking for partners in an inter/transdisciplinary and inter/transsectional collaboration.
Our methodological approach is to develop and explore participatory/artistic interventions as ways to problematize and communicate cultural values understood as material-discursive.

The aim of the project is to examine how the current phenomena related to the flux of migrants can open up potential opportunities for renegotiating and questioning dominating cultural values, as fixed, sacred, absolute and non-negotiable ones. Specifically we want to study and analyse different representations of values in various public social spheres/spaces e.g. practises, symbols, artefacts and languages. How are representations e.g. gender dimensions related to public sphere/space communicated to migrants? 

We are also interested to explore what and whose historical and cultural values, meanings and memories are preserved in, and associated with the notion of public space? Which of them will create the future Europe? What is needed to ensure the migrants’ understanding of and respect of values and practices of European public spaces and at the same time to take into account and possibly adopt values and practices of public spaces inherited by the migrants from their own cultures? 

As part of the project we also intend to study in what way one could compensate for and navigate in a vacuum of relations, feeling of belonging and physical material environment? 

The keywords to bind together the project could be: past-present-future.
Project proposer:   Pirjo Elovaara ()
Partner role:  Project coordinator 
Partner organisation:  Research
Call for proposal identifier:  H2020-SC6-CULT-COOP-2016-2017

Description of the collaboration sought: 
We are looking for academic partners within these specific fields: sociology, cultural studies, ethnography, art history, philosophy 
Expertise sought: Security, Employment issues, Regional development, Economic aspects, Information. Media, Education. Training, Social aspects, 
Roles sought: Project participant, 
Organisation types sought: Research, 
Countries sought: France, Estonia, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Spain, 

Call for proposal specific information

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