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2016-09-22 Ukraine: Amelioration of Water Retention Properties of Soils Using Mixtures of Nanomaterial of Natural Silicon Minerals with Organic Fertilizers

Amelioration of Water Retention Properties of Soils Using Mixtures of Nanomaterial of Natural Silicon Minerals with Organic Fertilizers

Description of the project offered: 
The objective of the proposed project is to develop innovative environmentally safe technology aimed to improve water-holding capacity of the soil, based on natural silicon minerals mixed with organic fertilizers as the first step. The second step will include adjustment of this technology to the specific soil and climatic conditions of the target regions (Ukraine, China etc.).
This method involves combined use of natural silicon-containing minerals and organic fertilizers. The motivation for the selection of these components is explained by the following: (I) organic matter acts as a system coordinator of processes in the soil, provides the vital activity of microorganisms, produce an additional source of mineral nutrients, affects the information and energy components of the soil ecosystem; (II) high efficiency of silicon-containing minerals is caused by the presence of mono- and polysilicon acids, which are characterized with high water sorption capacity, create additional depo for water and nutrients in the soil, increase the resistance of plants to abiotic and biotic stresses including moisture deficit, accelerate the development of agronomically useful microorganisms, increase plant productivity; (III) organic material stimulates the mobility of silicon acids and thereby enhances the participation of silicon-containing minerals in the structural and functional organization of the soil ecosystem, since silicon is not only a nutrient, but also constitutional soil component. Functioning of the complex, which include both organic and silicon-containing mineral components is determined by agrophysical, chemical and biological characteristics of soils, physiological characteristics of plants and the technological regulations of the mixtures production.
According to our preliminary studies organic fertilizers synergisticaly increase stimulative effect of natural silicon minerals on the growth and adaptive potential of crops. In the long-term field trials application of the described above mixtures showed 30-50% increase in yields of corn, sugar beets, soybeans and rice under drought conditions in the Steppe climatic zone of Ukraine.

In this regard the proposed activities will include:

• Study of the distribution of mono- and polysilicic acids in soils with different agrochemical and agrophysical characteristics;
• Estimation of the influence of mono- and polysilicon acids on the drought resistance, growth and development of economically important crops, including monocultures grown on soils exhausted by long-term cultivation in the field trials; 
• Study of the physiological processes within the plant cells underlying the protective effect of mono- and polysilicic acids in laboratory experiments;
• Assessment the effect of the mixtures of the nanomaterial of natural silicon containing minerals with organic fertilizers on soil hydraulic and other physical and chemical characteristics, as well as on the yield variability of economically important crops in the long-term field experiments; 
• Elucidation of influence of abiotic factors such as soil type, moisture content, salinity, acidity of soil solution on remediative potential of the studied mixtures in the model factorial laboratory experiments;
• Development of information resource model describing the behavior of organo-silicate mixtures depending on climatic and edaphic conditions of the region;
• Working out and approbation of concrete measures to improve specific soil hydrological characteristics and productivity of crops for farmers in China, Ukraine and other EU countries.
Project proposer:   Nataliya Didyk ()
Partner role:  Project participant 
Partner organisation:  Research
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