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2016-07-23 Kazakhstan: Mobile Integrated Installation for Power Generation, Heat and Water


Mobile Integrated Installation for Power Generation, Heat and Water

Description of the project offered: 
Brief description
Name of: Mobile integrated installation for power generation, heat and water.
The relevance of the proposal. On all continents of the Earth (in the steppes, in savannas, in deserts, in mountainous areas and in small settlements remote from the industrial mains supply) and on the islands, located in lakes, seas and oceans inhabited by people, farmers, tribes and nations, are in dire need of electricity, heat and water. To solve this problem, we propose to develop a comprehensive mobile installation, which is designed to generate electricity, heat, clean, cool and hot water.
The purpose of this proposal. Develop prototype mobile integrated setup that if small series production must be available to a wide range of consumers (nomads, shepherds, small families, farmers and small rural businesses, the supply of water and electricity one or two houses, located in a small village or islands, etc.).
Tasks offers. Implementation of integrated studies, planning, project, design and engineering work order to solve the following tasks:
1. Develop several types of high-performance, cost-effective solar concentrators.
2. To develop the hybrid solar generator of electricity and heat on the basis of the photovoltaic and thermoelectric modules.
3. Get the Nano liquid which is intended for cooling, absorption of solar radiation and to remove heat from a solar concentrator.
4. To develop the optimum system of accumulation of heat energy required power and its further storage and use.
5. To develop a system of distribution and regulation of power supply of all units, modules and systems of accumulating electrical energy.
6. Develop a water generator from the air with clean and disarm the unit and the system of accumulation and supply the cool and hot water.
7. Develop a universal diesel generator that can run not only on diesel, and biogas and liquid biofuels.
8. Develop a simple intelligent automation system, which is to ensure a smooth, safe and efficient operation of the entire system.
Background / State of the art in this field. Many companies in Europe, Asia and the United States developed a variety of systems for generating electricity, heat and water using renewable energy sources. These of systems are created both individually and in combination. Unfortunately, these developments are not widely used because they are at a price not available to the average customer, even on credit, and have a long payback period.
The above-described problem is a major cause of containment of a wide application of these systems.
The economic importance of the proposal in its implementation:
- is the transition of farmers, nomads and small settlements that are removed from industrial electrical networks of independent electricity and water and thus become independent consumers;
- to expand large-scale use of fuel-efficient and environmentally sound renewable energy sources.
Social impact of the proposal is:
- in the creation of innovative, integrated and mobile installation, competitiveness in the foreign market is ensured by the lower cost of electricity, water and recycling heat for the needs of the user;
- the improvement of electricity supply on the Islands in remote and mountainous regions;
- the creation of Autonomous sources of power, water and heat for emergencies.
Project proposer:   Serik Ismailov (Kazakhstan)
Partner role:  Project coordinator 
Partner organisation:  Education
Call for proposal title:  CALL: ENERGY EFFICIENCY CALL 2016-2017 
Call for proposal identifier:  H2020-EE-2016-2017

Description of the collaboration sought: 
To implement the idea in the project is necessary: 
- Consultant for design proposals for the project;
- Coordinator to promote the project in the subsequent coordinator of the project.
To perform the tasks in the project, need the following partners: 
- a team of researchers to develop different types of concentrators of solar radiation (solar systems), the establishment of photovoltaic and thermoelectric modules for these solar systems, the development of the system of electricity supply to the consumer and the system of accumulation of electricity;
- a team of scientists able to create Nano liquid that is intended for cooling, the absorption of solar radiation and heat from solar energy, and to develop module and heat sink cooling with solar systems;
- a team of researchers for the development of generator water from air, installation of storage and supply of cool water to the consumer and installation for heating water, the development of air purification system and water, as well as the development of the installation of heat accumulation and storage;
- a team of researchers to develop a universal diesel generator that can operate not only on diesel, but also on biogas and liquid biofuels, to develop a distribution system and power management units, modules and integrated mobile equipment installation, as well as to develop software and automation systems for the control and management of the entire mobile integrated installation.
The number of partners for project implementation can be more. 
Expertise sought: Intellectual property rights, Scientific research, Coordination. Cooperation, Innovation. Technology transfer, Sustainable development, Energy saving, Energy storage. Energy. Transport, Renewable sources of energy, Automation, Nanotechnology and Nanosciences, Materials technology, Electronics. Microelectronics, Industrial manufacture, 
Roles sought: Project participant, Project coordinator, 
Organisation types sought: 
Countries sought: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, United Kingdom, Serbia, China, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, 

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