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2016-06-24 Bulgaria: FET Open program: Floatable Roll-Over Technology Megawatt Class Wind Electrical Generator

FET Open program: Floatable Roll-Over Technology Megawatt Class Wind Electrical Generator

This Bulgarian organization will act as a Coordinator for a project under FET Open program, within field of activity: Renewable Energy Sources – Wind Electrical Generators. The company would like to attract 3 partners to form Consortia, where the type and role of the partner could be SMEs, Centers or Universities with experience in R&D in wind turbines sector. The role of the partners will be to perform basic research, model preparation and scale testing of the prototype.

Basically FET Open Program framework conditions stipulates that it supports conceptually new technological ideas which implementation could lead to radically new future technologies. In this respect it is assumed the proposed technologies may involve high risks, therefore a basic concept is that agile, risk-friendly and highly interdisciplinary research approaches are needed with collaborations that are open to all sciences and disciplines and that dissolve the traditional boundaries between them.
The proposed project FLOATROLL /Floatable Roll- Over Wind Electrical Generator/ project actually envisages implementation of such radical new conceptual idea of gradually substituting conventional 3 blades wind electrical generators with floatable more powerful roll-over blades technology wind turbines.

It addresses the problem of not enough efficiency of large conventional 3 blade horizontal wind electrical generators, typically having 3 to 6 MW rating power. There is a solution of the problem by offering radically new conceptual idea of floatable roll over technology wind electrical generator designed to be used as additional energy supply of close to shore industrial enterprises and large communities.