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2016-03-18 Greece: Partner for Testing a Novel Anticancer Liposomal System

Partner for Testing a Novel Anticancer Liposomal System

Description of the project: A research team from a Greek university has developed a new nanovesicle system in laboratory and is looking for collaboration with a pharmaceutical company or hospital able to conduct the necessary efficacy studies. Initial in vitro results are very encouraging therefore further studies on toxicity and in vivo activity on specific cancer models are required. The Greek university is looking for technical cooperation agreement.

Novel liposomal formulations consisting of phospholipids mixed with novel arsenic-containing lipids (named arsonoliposomes) have been previously found to have intrinsic anticancer properties, which may be further increased by encapsulation of anticancer drugs. Due to their nanosize, such formulations could additionally benefit from the Enhanced Permeability and Retention (EPR) effect.   A Greek University has synthesized two new lipid entities at lab-scale which have been tested in vitro and found to have anticancer properties. In order to test further the novel lipid entities, the Greek University is seeking collaboration with a company or hospital that could carry out a number of efficacy studies which are necessary. Suitable candidates should be able to evaluate the in vivo efficiency and toxicity in animal disease models (mice) and normal mice, respectively. The partner should have also the suitable technology to conduct the above mentioned tasks e.g. develop mouse cancer models. The Greek University is intending to share future royalties and bring the system closer to the market. The type of collaboration sought is technical cooperation agreement.     Expertise Sought: The Greek University is willing to collaborate with a company or hospital that has expertise in designing and conducting in vivo efficacy studies. They should be able to develop cancer models in vivo and evaluate the anticancer efficacy of the novel drug in comparison with blank-control and existing active drugs. The partner should be also able to evaluate the in vivo toxicity of the liposomal formulations.    Type and Role of Partner Sought: The Greek University is looking for a suitable pharmaceutical company or hospital to perform a number of efficacy studies that need to be carried out in the current stage of development. They will test a novel component with anticancer potential which has been incorporated in liposomal formulations. Suitable partners should have expertise &technology to design and carry out in vivo efficacy studies in order to evaluate  1) the anticancer efficacy and 2) the in vivo toxicity of the novel liposomal formulations. The Greek university is willing to share future loyalty royalties and co-exploit the drug.    Countries Sought:  Belgium France  Germany  Hungary  Iceland  Israel  Italy  Portugal  Slovakia  Spain  Turkey