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2016-03-16 Germany: Demonstration of Smart Grid, Storage and System Integration Technologies with Increasing Share of Renewables: Distribution System

 Demonstration of Smart Grid, Storage and System Integration Technologies with Increasing Share of Renewables: Distribution System  Description:  The solution respectively the demonstration project should be a modular system which is intelligent integrated in the grid consisting of an industrial biogas plant, battery storage, pressed air storage and a smart system control which is able to produces demand-oriented power and heat by managing all the modules.  The solution should be path breaking for the integration of renewable energy in the grid by producing demand-oriented power and building smart grids. This is also to enable the extension of windmills and photovoltaic in Poland and most of the European markets. The deadline for expressions of interest 31 March 2016 and the call deadline is 05 April 2016.  The offer addresses distribution networks (medium and low voltage) as well as  a combination of the following aspects:  1) demand-oriented production mechanisms and tools allowing consumers to participate actively in the energy market and in demand response schemes (e.g. relying on smart metering); To demonstrate a set of technologies and solutions in an integrated environment with the perspective of introduction in the market in the coming years to enable demand-response, smart grid, storage and energy system integration operating under stable and secure conditions in the context of an increasing share of renewable energy sources in the electricity grid.   2) demonstration of energy-storing systems Demonstration of energy storage technologies (e.g. batteries, fly wheel, etc.) and/or connections between the electricity network and other energy networks such as power to heat solutions under cost competitive conditions (e.g. through heat storage with water boilers, heat pumps, thermal inertia of buildings, etc.) and power to gas / fuel solutions;  demonstration of associated energy management systems and of services provided to the distribution grid and the consumers; technological developments for hydrogen production and storage are addressed in the frame of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen JU and are therefore excluded from this call but proposal may include the integration of such devices in the demonstration;  3) Smart integration of grid users from transport (e.g. electric vehicles, large ships and inland waterway barges while in ports) for charging, providing storage capacity or for their capacity to supply electricity to the grid. Demonstration and validation of new business models for combining distributed energy - Smartening the distribution grid: methodologies for improved control and automation of distribution networks, network management and monitoring tools with particular improved observability of variable generation and consumption loads, integration of Virtual Power Plants and micro-grids as active balancing assets,  Type and role of the partner:  Partners are sought who are able to be a main contractor for the total solution – e.g. builders of power plants, like biogas plants or windmills, all over Europe. Furthermore an international energy provider and facilities-based carrier (grid provider) to show the impact for the European energy market is sought  Type and Role of Partner Sought:  The Greek University is looking for a suitable pharmaceutical company or hospital to perform a number of efficacy studies that need to be carried out in the current stage of development. They will test a novel component with anticancer potential which has been incorporated in liposomal formulations. Suitable partners should have expertise &technology to design and carry out in vivo efficacy studies in order to evaluate  1) the anticancer efficacy and 2) the in vivo toxicity of the novel liposomal formulations. The Greek university is willing to share future loyalty royalties and co-exploit the drug.