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2016-03-16 Turkey: INCOMERA or EUROSTARS. A SME is Sought for Developing a New Battery with 2 Times Higher Energy Capacity

INCOMERA or EUROSTARS. A SME is Sought for Developing a New Battery with 2 Times Higher Energy Capacity 
A Turkish SME has developed a new kind of active electrode material for lithium-ion batteries. This electrode has been developed to sustain the functionality and high efficiency of portable electrical and electronic equipment by using abundant earth materials as an active material with special additives. SME partners, which are experts in material science, electrochemistry and lithium ion batteries, are sought to finalize the project proposal to be submitted to INCOMERA or Eurostars programs. A Turkish company based in Istanbul and is active in research for energy sector developed high performance lithium ion batteries. The company is searching additional partners to complete a project proposal under Incomera or Eurostars. The deadline for applying Incomera is 15 April 2016. The company is also interested in applying Eurostars funding in 3 months. The duration of the project is anticipated as 1 year. The company is primarily focused on enhancing the battery active materials' electrochemical performance by using different metals, structures and additives. Electrochemical performance tests of coin cell prototypes are still continuing in the laboratory. Currently, six times higher energy density has been achieved when the results are compared with commercial anodes. Pouch cell production will be started in few months.
The company is looking for partners from different European countries. Deadline for EoIs: 1 March 2017

Type and Role of Partner Sought:  Experts in material science, nano particles, electrochemistry and polymers are sought. The partner should participate to the development of electrode active materials, additive polymers, synthesis of active materials and galvanostatical testing of cells. By any means, the partner should have experience in development and producing of electrode active materials for LIBs.   Countries sought:  Brazil 
United Kingdom