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2016-01-23 Ukraine: Effectiveness of Agriculture Business and Food

Effectiveness of Agriculture Business and Food 

Description of the project offered: 
Urban population buys a food mainly in supermarkets. Almost no products with no preservatives or chemical additives are among the wide range of supermarkets. Such food affects on the health of the population, especially children.Today holdings and farms and rural population engage in agricultural in Ukraine. Agriholdings and farmers cultivate on the fields of Ukraine only economically profitable varieties of crops, mainly maize and sunflower, which is not conducive to their contribution to the needs of the population in various foods. Nowadays a food have been importing in agrarian country from other countries, while could be exported.
Collective farms in the USSR had solved the problem of providing the population with organic food, but the their organization had many shortcomings. The world has successful experience of organic food production, which should be explored and implemented in Ukraine. There are kibbutzes in Israel, farmers in northern and central Europe, farms Asia and Arab countries.
Solving the problem of efficient organization of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine will contribute to improving health and quality of life, preserve the environment, the creation of many jobs, the growth of GDP.
Project proposer:   Svitlana Denga (Ukraine)
Partner role:  Project participant 
Partner organisation:  Education
Call for proposal identifier:  H2020-RUR-2016-2017

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