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2016-01-22 Turkey: Industrial Mining Manufacturing System Safety and the Daily Life of the Labours

Industrial Mining Manufacturing System Safety and the daily life of the labours

Description of the project offered: 
This Project maintains maximum Manufacturing System Safety standarts and produces to increase the lifeskill of the Labours.Accordance to my draft plan are some trips realised to the Industrial mining countries (South America,Europe,Russia,Turkey).The trips must be related to the mining areas of the countries.They collect data for industrial mining safety and lifeskills of Labours and report summary and give samples to own countries.At the end the Pupils and teachers prepare the summary report to the European Com.I'm planning total 30 pupils and 10 teachers for each participant countries.It will be great.It was all as short.The Countries :South America,Europe,Russia,Turkey
Project proposer:   Mursit Hakan Cil (Turkey)
Partner role:  Project coordinator 
Partner organisation:  Education
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Roles sought: Project participant, 
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Countries sought: Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Brazil, Russian Federation