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2016-01-11 Kazakhstan: Definition of Critical Value of Concentration of a Pressure{voltage} in a Ground

Definition of critical value of concentration of a pressure{voltage} in a ground

Description of the project offered: 
The purpose:
To define{determine} time of the beginning of earthquake

The general{common} information:
It is known, that the planet "ground" cooperates in our solar system with other planets due to what there is its{her} daily deformation and at each deformation in a ground there is a pressure{voltage} which has property to collect and after a critical degree of its{her} concentration there is an earthquake. The way consists in definition of critical size of concentration of a pressure{voltage} in a ground. For definition of time of approach of critical concentration the network of existing seismic stations of supervision can be used. 

The patent information:-

Expenses: Expenses will go on equipment of seismic station and its{her} reorientation to definition of the intense condition of a ground if it{she} is focused on other mechanical parameters of an earth's crust.

The way of definition of size of critical concentration of a pressure{voltage} can be applied, for definition of time of the beginning of earthquake i.e. in the field of « the forecast of earthquakes ».

The submitting organization:
The private person.
Project proposer:   Sakit Yusupov ()
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