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2016-01-05 Belarus: Shoes Design on the Basis of Customer's Leg 3D Model


 Shoes Design on the Basis of Customer's Leg 3D Model

Description of the project offered: 
BelHard's team has developed a technology for digital shoes designing right on the cutomer's leg 3D model. Working algorithm is the following: the developed system makes it possible to create an individual 3D model of the leg for a customer (a 3D model is generated by simple entering body sizes or by means of scanning a customer body in special modules in shop centers). The technology is ready and tested.

Future users of the system are the following: Customer, Producer, Seller, Clothes designers.

Customer has the possibility to create his/her profile on a website with his own body form. Surely, it is possible to update the profile. Thus, it becomes easier to choose clothes in shops (the system offers to choose the suitable size). There is also a possibility for a customer to order clothes from a designer via the process of constructing: there is a videochat between customer and designer, and designer "builds" a suit on a cutomer's body form according to customer's wishes.

The Producer can also obtain several benefits. Producer has an opportunity to register in the system and to execute orders. (There will be a mechanism when the System finds suitable producers after placing an order). Apart from that the system will
filter producers according to the customers' rates. 

A Clothes Designer registers in the system and can execute orders for clothes design (as it was mentioned earlier, designer can make a suit according to customer's wishes or just place his own example).

A Seller in the System acts a part of mediator and market analysis.

In general the proposed system solves 2 main tasks:

- To provide an easy way for customer to get comfortable, individially designed shoes.
- To make the process of buying shoes cheaper.
Project proposer:   BelHard Group CJSC (Belarus)
Partner role:  Project participant 
Partner organisation:  Consultancy
Call for proposal title:  CALL: Industry 2020 in the Circular Economy 
Call for proposal identifier:  H2020-IND-CE-2016-17

Description of the collaboration sought: 
BelHard's team is expecting for the following organizations to join a consortium:

- clothes producers;
- fashion houses;
- resellers.
- organization that will be responsible for communication and dissemination activities.

Apart from that we are looking for an organization that will coordinate the project. Surely, BelHard's team will help with technical part of the proposal. 
Expertise sought: Business aspects, Coordination. Cooperation, Innovation. Technology transfer, Economic aspects, Standards, Automation, Network technologies, ICT Applications, Telecommunications, Information processing. Information systems, Industrial manufacture, 
Roles sought: Project coordinator, Project participant, 
Organisation types sought: Consultancy, Industry, Small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), Technology transfer, 
Countries sought: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, 

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