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2015-12-25 Ukraine: Development of Technology for Production of Commodity Nickel - Vanadium Compounds from Sludge and Ash of the Burning Fuel Oil


Development of Technology for Production of Commodity Nickel - Vanadium Compounds from Sludge and Ash of the Burning Fuel Oil

Description of the project offered: 
Topic: SC5-13-2016-2017 New solutions for sustainable production of raw materials

The project proposes to develop cost-effective technology of extracting vanadium and nickel from sludge and ash residues combustion of oil in boiler units of thermal power plants, which have a sludge reservoir (with a volume around 1-10 million tons) and on the basis of which a manufacturing complex with production of three marketable products can be created:
- technical-grade vanadium oxide;
- ferrovanadium; 
- integrated nickel-vanadium alloys.
The technology is based on oxidizing roasting vanadium non-traditional raw materials with subsequent hydrometallurgical processing of the precursor, producing technical vanadium oxide by hydrolysis and further - ferrovanadium and complex alloys of various grades.
It is expected to achieve the following indicators when to receive this scarce and costly goods:
The degree of extraction of vanadium and nickel from raw materials is 96-98%.
The content of commodity vanadium pentoxide in the technical vanadium oxide – 92-94%.
The content of vanadium in ferrovanadium – 50-80%.
The content of vanadium and nickel in nickel-vanadium alloys – 22% and 3.5% respectively (or according to customer's requirement).
The technology has been tested in industrial conditions and has patents.
The results of the developed technology can be realized by creating a highly efficient, from an economic point of view, the productive utilization systems with different capacity. 
The development of this project, in addition to economic benefits, will contribute to the solution of environmental problems, and also will lead to the creation of new jobs.
Project proposer:   Vadym Mantula (Ukraine)
Partner role:  Project participant 
Partner organisation:  Industry
Call for proposal title:  Greening the Economy 
Call for proposal identifier:  H2020-SC5-2016-2017

Description of the collaboration sought: 
We invite all partners interested in implementation of proposed idea 
Expertise sought: Intellectual property rights, Business aspects, Scientific research, Coordination. Cooperation, Innovation. Technology transfer, Evaluation, Policies, Security, Employment issues, Regional development, Economic aspects, Social aspects, Climate change and Carbon cycle research, Sustainable development, Waste management, Environmental protection, Safety, Project management methodologies, Standards, Measurement methods, Fossil fuels, Other technology, Materials technology, Construction technology, Industrial manufacture, 
Roles sought: Project participant, Project coordinator, 
Organisation types sought: Consultancy, Research, Industry, Technology transfer, Non-governmental organisation (NGO), Small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), , 
Countries sought: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Japan, United States, 

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