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2015-12-22 Ukraine: The Reform of the Groundwater Monitoring System in Associated Countries on the Basis of the EU Water Framework Directive Requirements


The Reform of the Groundwater Monitoring System in Associated Countries on the Basis of the EU Water Framework Directive Requirements

Description of the project offered: 
EU water framework Directive requires the monitoring of groundwater to determine the quantitative and qualitative status of groundwater bodies and observing its changes. But in countries that are associate members of the European Union, despite significant experience in hydrogeological studies, such a system is flawed and now the economic challenges almost does not work.
At the same time Geology knows no borders, and a number of aquifers are trans-boundary, joint several neighboring States. Therefore, the problems associated with the depletion and contamination of groundwater is a common problem in border States and should be addressed jointly. This is particularly relevant theme, given the significant technogenic pressure in Eastern Europe, including powerful agricultural production, which creates additional pressure on the underground hydrosphere.
The aim of the research is informational and methodological support for adapting the groundwater's monitoring system on the territory of EU associate members with the requirements of the EU Water framework Directive. This goal will be achieved by addressing the following tasks:
- development of the concept and reforming the system program of groundwater monitoring taking into account international experience and requirements of the relevant European Union directives;
- development and adaptation of national documents (standards) to EU standards in the field of study and groundwater monitoring;
- creation on the basis of geographic information systems (GIS) databases with the characteristics of groundwater bodies, assessment of their level of use and existing and potential risks; 
- coordination with the representatives of neighboring countries methods of monitoring, in particular the approaches to the placement of observation points (wells) within the border area, the frequency of observations, etc.;
- improving information exchange between the subjects of monitoring of cross-border countries; 
- creation of specialized public information resources to inform the public about the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of groundwater, nitrate pollution, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. 
To ensure standardization of methodological approaches to groundwater monitoring and the coordination of joint actions on the organization of research in border areas will involve European experts.
Expected results: the implementation of the project will allow:
- to improve the reliability and quality of information regarding the quantitative and qualitative status of groundwater, including trans-boundary aquifers;
- quickly assess status trends of groundwater in space and time;
- ensure the adoption of management decisions on water supply for the population of border territories. 
- in the long term - to raise the standards of quality of life, it will contribute to the improvement of the border territories population.
- simplify integration of associate members in EU.
Project proposer:   Goshovskyi Sergeii ()
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Call for proposal title:  Greening the Economy 
Call for proposal identifier:  H2020-SC5-2016-2017

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We invite all partners interested in our proposed project. 
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