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2015-11-18 Ukraine: The Creation of Information Resources for the Development of Resort and Tourist Potential of Eastern Europe

The Creation of Information Resources for the Development of Resort and Tourist Potential of Eastern Europe

Description of the project offered: 
On the territory of the countries neighboring with the European Union, placed a number of deposits of therapeutic and healing mineral waters of different types. A lot of unique fields are concentrated within the border territories. In addition, these areas are extremely rich in geological landmarks of nature, monuments of history and architecture, are a mild climate and rich variety of nature.
Numerous mineral water resorts and tourist potential of Eastern Europe have not yet been assessed properly by the European consumers. At the same time it has a number of significant advantages, namely: the unique mineral water springs, the close location, reasonable prices, a high level of medical personnel and hospitality of local population. 
Goal: Information support of potential users and investors. Given the ageing of Europe's population and the lifestyles of older people, which often is caused by the reduction of physical activity, it is possible to offer joint activities aimed at ensuring an active and healthy longevity, on two fronts. 
The first, it is interesting the development of pedestrian and water tourist routes in the area of unique nature reserves and awareness of geological monuments and other interesting objects. 
Secondly, it is to attract visitors to the resorts of mineral waters. Within the border with the European Union territories, there are many medical institutions that use medicinal-table and medicinal mineral waters, namely, ferrous carbonate, boron, bromine, highly mineralized, sulfide, water with a high content of organic substances, thermal, and others. Range of curative properties of these waters is very wide. They are used to treat diseases of digestive organs, urinary organs, circulatory system, nervous system, musculoskeletal, skin, etc. To inform potential consumers of Spa services in the framework of project implementation it is planned to prepare the database (the electronic directory and an interactive map) that will allow you to select a particular institution for preventive treatment and treatment of chronic diseases at an affordable price.
In addition, a significant box of this database will be devoted to the description of the prospective subsoil areas within the border areas of Ukraine for search and exploration of new deposits of mineral waters for potential investors. 
Expected results: 
- evaluation of resources and reserves of mineral waters on the basis of the updated data with regard to the environmental condition of the territory;
- create GIS databases of the mineral water springs, resorts and natural landmarks, with details in the border areas;
- preparation of an electronic guide for consumers with information about the mineral water, sanatorium-and-Spa institutions, geological landmarks of nature;
- creation of interactive electronic maps with open electronic directory of deposits and manifestations of mineral waters on the Internet with a free access mode.
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Goshovskyi Sergeii ()
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We invite all partners interested in our proposed project. 
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