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2015-09-28 Ukraine: Regional Strategy for Reducing Cardiovascular Risk Using Media and Information Technologies in Hypertensive Patients of Odessa Region: a Cohort Study

Description of the project offered: 
Abstract: Cardiovascular (CV) mortality has the highest rank in the structure of mortality in Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Statistics Committee is 66,5% (2013). At the same time in the EU it is up to 3-4 times lower, and in countries geographically close to Ukraine - Romania, Moldova, Poland - it has been falling and is 53,2%, 47,4% and 40,1%, respectively.
It is known that coronary heart disease and hypertension are main pathologies contributing to the structure of cardiovascular mortality. Currently, CV-mortality in Ukraine not only stays at the same level, but also tends to increase, mostly affecting people of working age (30-59 years). All this indicates insufficient use of the national healthcare system possibilities, which requires up-to-date data analysis and development of new approaches.
Several of well-known reasons of such unsatisfactory cardiovascular health is reduced availability of medical care, especially in rural areas, which is proven by high mortality in this category of patients. Another reason is low level of patients’ knowledge about their health, lack of motivation and awareness of the necessity to control and modify risk factors. It should be emphasized that the best way to deal with mortality is the prevention of the disease and complications, which mostly consists of risk factors control and/or high adherence to treatment. With great certainty, we can assume that a person aware about cardiovascular diseases and their complications will actively make its own efforts in their prevention and life extension. However, systematic measures raising awareness about healthy lifestyle and ways of correcting risk factors are mostly absent and have been reduced to a short conversation with a family doctor, often after disease complications manifestation.
In order to change the situation for the better it is needed to study the most common cardiovascular risk factors in the population with data about the use of different media and information sources for further educational activities for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. 
Realistic assessment of cardiovascular risk of hypertensive patients of Odessa region (approx. 1000 people) will be carried out in order to analyze the prevalence of the most important cardiovascular risk factors: hypercholesterolemia, smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyle. Most popular and trusted information channels will be found (local TV talk shows, radio, newspapers, magazines, leaflets, posters in medical institutions, medical lectures, patient schools etc.). The data obtained will allow developing targeted media campaign for correction of mentioned risk factors. Using them in a followed group of hypertensive patients is expected to not only decrease the cardiovascular risk, but to increase patient adherence to life-long treatment (statins, hypotensives, atiaggregants etc.) and improve population knowledge and awareness of possible heart diseases and their complications. Based on these results, as well as on the calculation of the cost-effectiveness it will be possible to create a National Program of primary cardiovascular disease prevention, which ultimately should lead to a reduction in cardiac mortality.

The Aim of the study: to reduce cardiovascular risk in hypertensive patients of Odessa Region using media and information technology.

• Evaluate prevalence of the main cardiovascular risk factors in rural hypertensive adults in Odessa region;
• Identify the most commonly used and trusted channels of information influence;
• Develop or adopt effective media campaign using different information technologies;
• Cost-effectiveness analysis of cardiovascular risk reduction in terms of further development of cardiovascular disease prophylaxis system;
• Develop recommendations for the use of effective information technology in cardiovascular risk correction throughout other regions of Ukraine;
Project proposer:   Max Romanchenko (Ukraine)
Partner role:  Project participant 
Partner organisation:  Research
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Description of the collaboration sought: 
We are looking for other European universities and medical institutions with interests and experience in the fields of Public Health, patient education, management of chronic diseases to lead the project and become our partners for the Call. It would be great not only to accomplish a promising and healthcare-changing research project but also to create a stable scientific network. 
Expertise sought: Medicine. Health, 
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Countries sought: Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria,