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2015-08-31 Belarus: Creation of Cloud Service for Information Support to Combat Narcotics in EU and Eastern Partnership Countries

Creation of Cloud Service for Information Support to Combat Narcotics in EU and Eastern Partnership Countries

Description of the project offered:
BelHard Group has developed a system AIPSIN. AIPSIN is a specialized software for information support of government services confronting the narcotic threat. The core of the system is its database about narcotic substances. The database contains about 1 000 000 pages with information about narcotics, 200 Cross-linked Directories, description of 
7 500 Narcotics (> 5000 synthetic).

Our current aim is to develop this system and transfer it to international level and realize it as a cloud solution. The system will consist of segments: common European segment and national segments in each country. The system main work algorithm is the following: 
- each country is responsible for filling its national segment. National segments provide information about detention cases (e.g., time, date of detention, type of narcotics, quantity and other important details)
- Europe-wide (global) database system gives the participants information
about cases of detention throughout Europe.

The system provides the following types of information:
1) Referral information + its updates (new narcotics, new distribution
forms, new identification methods)
2) Operational information
3) Consulting information (external experts’ assistance)
4) Analytical information (statistics, risks, forecasts, recommendations
on combating)

In general the proposed system will consist of the following modules: AIPSIN Directory, Directory of crime, analytical data processing system, billing system, report generator, system access, data protection, data exchange system, log system, communication system, system of generation of press releases, e-magazine.

We treat the following organisations as a future users of the system:

- Authorized Government and European structures (narcotics police, customs, border guards, national security, healthcare,
criminalists, legislature, judiciary, penetentiary, education system, tax authorities, etc.)
- Legal entities (Pharmaceutical companies, precursors manufacturers, chemist's networks,
logistics companies, customs agents, mass media, internet resources, law
offices, sports organizations, airline companies, etc.).
- Private persons (obtaining information about the legality of substances or medicines in the
location area and responsibility for the violation).
Project proposer:   BelHard Group CJSC (Belarus)
Partner role:  Project participant 
Partner organisation:  Small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)
Call for proposal title:  N/A