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2015-06-23 Belarus: Pan-European m-Healthcare System with High Level of Additional Module for Internet-Security


Pan-European m-Healthcare System with High Level of Additional Module for Internet-Security

Description of the project offered: 
According to the Brookings company estimates, by 2017 the global m-Health market will count $25 bln. Analytical reports of such companies as Research2Guidance and MarketsandMarkets also indicate that the world is now gaining momentum for a new revolution in healthcare. This revolution first of all touches upon new ways of healthcare services provisioning, based on the latest achievements in the field of ICT. It is referred to digital healthcare technologies, and, in particular, booming market for mobile applications in recent years. At present moment this market is growing 15 times faster than the market of fixed Internet users. In other words, the era of m-Healthcare is coming instead of e-Healthcare, which appeared earlier. 
In this respect, BelHard Group proposes to combine efforts with the leading medical centers in Europe to develop and implement national European platform m-Health, which could be used by all the EU citizens. 
Besides all the general topic articles in the sphere of healthcare (symptoms, diseases’ description and illness conditions, methods of treatment, the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle (fitness program, healthy diet), a list of public and private medical institutions, etc.), a developed platform on the basis of widespread use of mobile devices, will offer users of the system convenient and usable services in their native languages: "Checking the symptoms", "Ask the doctor", "Clarification for medical tests", "Decoding video digital diagnostics", "Telemedicine", "Meteosensitivity", etc. 
"Checking the symptoms". This service makes it possible to check your state of health for several symptoms, which it is helpful not only for ordinary citizens who do not have professional medicine knowledge in medicine, but also medical students. 
"Ask the doctor". With this service a user obtains a possibility to get a consultation from a highly experienced doctor, which he or she can choose from a proposed list of medical centers to obtain response from a qualified professional as soon as it is possible.
"Clarification for medical tests". The aim of the service is to explain whether the medical test results test meet the norms; if they don’t meet the norms, the service gives the explanation about what the deviations can relate to and what is their clinical significance, following after that an e-tip in the form of urgent recommendations. 
"Decoding video digital diagnostics". This service provides a user with video decoding, which are received as a result of digital diagnostics. The range of expert applications for the post-processing will include images of different types: CT, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray, mammography, PET, angiography. Its structure also includes mobile browsing tools, so you are not limited to using the service from your PC.

"Telemedicine". This mobile service makes it possible to forward a video of optimal quality resolution in any point of the EU, where according to the patient’s choice the best treatment is provided, and receive an on-line consultation of a doctor, who can advise on how to start treatment and what do in such cases.
"Meteosensitivity". This service is a separate mobile application, aimed at meteosensitive people. E.g., It allows monitoring the current weather condition, informing the user about its possible impact on the human body, in time to protect yourself from such adverse effects.

As far as the project deals with a user’s personal data, it must be provided with extremely reliable security system to protect confidential information according to EU standards.

Thus, any EU citizen can check symptoms, interpret medical tests results, receive medical consultation, find out the description of the alleged illness and decide what medical center to choose. And also, the portal will offer European citizens such mobile services, which will help to prevent possible health problems, e.g., with respect to meteosensitive people.
Project proposer:   
Arthur Prakopchyk (BelHard Group) (Belarus)
Partner role:  Project participant 
Partner organisation:  Small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)
Call for proposal title:  N/A 

Description of the collaboration sought: 
BelHard's team is looking for a partners for cooperative realizing of the project. Primarily we are waiting for hospitals and clinics to join a consortium.

Apart from that we are lloking for an organization that will coordinate the project. Surely, being the author of the idea we will help with technical part of the proposal. 
Expertise sought: Coordination. Cooperation, Security, Social aspects, Safety, Medicine. Health, Automation, Network technologies, ICT Applications, Telecommunications, Information processing. Information systems, 
Roles sought: Project coordinator, Project participant, 
Organisation types sought: 
Countries sought: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey,