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2015-06-10 Ukraine: Ozone Technology for Pre-Sowing Seed Treatment


2015-06-10 Ukraine: Ozone Technology for Pre-Sowing Seed Treatment

Ozone technology for pre-sowing seed treatment

Description of the project offered: 
We propose a promising eco-friendly ozone technology for pre-sowing seed treatment. This technology is based on the studies of ozone impact (environmentally friendly oxidant) on the process of seed activation and growing.

The main innovation of the proposed technology is the application of ozone for pre-sowing seed treatment. It allows in the environmentally friendly way to carry out activation of seeds and, as a result, to increase crop capacity up 10-15%.

The proposed ozone technology for pre-sowing seed treatment can be applied in agriculture for crop growing, keeping, drying and processing of agricultural products.

We are going to develop ozone equipment for pre-sowing seed treatment that is well adapted for operation under agricultural conditions. Also, we are going to continue researches and tests on the proposed ozone technology and compatibility of ozone treatment with other kinds of treatment (fungicide, insecticide).

There are some topics that suit for proposed project:

Topic: Ensuring sustainable use of agricultural waste, co-products and by-products 

Topic: Assessing soil-improving cropping systems 
Project proposer:   Volodymyr Golota (Ukraine)
Partner role:  Project participant 
Partner organisation:  Research
Call for proposal title:  N/A