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2015-06-10 Ukraine - New Management Instrumentation of Nutrition Plants


2015-06-10 Ukraine - New Management Instrumentation of Nutrition Plants

Description of the project offered: 
The purpose of the project is to develop scientifically-based activities to improve the efficiency of mineral nutrition of plants and achieve sustainable functioning of the soil. The basic idea of the project is formed of four main blocks:

1-st block - The use of modern systems of diagnostics of a condition of soil fertility on the basis of precision farming. Using of the modern systems of soil diagnostics and accurate assessment of the soil fertility. Analysis of the data for precision farming is ineffective in the absence of accurate "diagnosis" of soil fertility. That is why the modern system diagnostics and assessment macroelement soil condition should be based on: the definition of regions and types of soil, where the use of specific analytical method is the most appropriate; the use of standards infelicity in determining for available macronutrients depending on the properties of the soil. 

2nd block - Using the concept of the four rules of fertilizer - within the concept of 4 rules are possible solutions to optimize form, timing, methods and doses of fertilizers, but for selecting the most appropriate solutions must take into account not only the direct effect of increasing the productivity of crops, but also long-term effects of prolonged fertilizer on soil fertility and quality.

3rd block - Using the operational functional diagnostics. Because nutrients can not flow into the plant as a result of a whole range of reasons - it is a manifestation of antagonism, changes in weather conditions, soil properties, the genetic characteristics of certain cultivars and hybrids of agricultural crops for their claims to mineral nutrition. The use of the operational function of plant diagnostics in combination with soil diagnosis allows operatively establish the need for nutrients in the critical phases of plant growth, make corrections in the technology of fertilizer application.

4-th block - Anticrisis management nutrition plants. In conditions of increasing the impact of stress factors on the growth and development of crops and, as a consequence, the amount of their harvest and quality important role is played:
- measures to leveling of stress factors - combined effects of mezo, micronutrients and growth regulators on the intensification of the processes of growth and development of plants; complex of methods to reduce the impact of stress factors by a positional allocation fertilizers, the accumulation of moisture in the fertilized soil layer by adding water absorbent components (for example, new polymer materials);
- management of processes in the system "soil-plant" and the information obtained in field investigations - the creation of a database of information provision level of soil macro, mezo and micro-elements; creating a model of effective spatial arrangement of fertilizers ribbon in order to control the production process; development forecasts, the deficit mezzo- and microelements in different phases of plant growth under conditions of different stressors.
Project proposer:   Anatoliy Khristenko (Ukraine)
Partner role:  Project participant 
Partner organisation:  Research
Call for proposal title:  FET-Open - novel ideas for radically new technologies 
Call for proposal identifier:  H2020-FETOPEN-2014-2015-RIA