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2015-05-25 Greece: Engaging citizens in science through closer to school approach


2015-05-25 Greece: Engaging citizens in science through closer to school approach

Description of the project offered: 

Regarding the call the range of events of 3 type should be organized. Events divided dependent on how the participants interact.
Our proposals: 
1. The exhibitions part. Organize exhibitions in the form of small local permanent standard exhibits, placed in the high available areas. To be used by the local community and, first of all, educational institutions as an additional tool to engage people in STEM and educate them.
To create exhibitions, in particular, can be used to developed stands for antimuseum.
It is commonly understood and our experience confirms that visitors should be able to take an active part in the excursion. To ensure this, we offer to create an interactive "zone of tasks" intended for self-help participants in small experimental or computational tasks in addition to the exhibition part, which is necessarily accompanied by story of the guide.
In the "zone of tasks" should be provided materials, which allow participants to see the scientific achievements from the "inside". 
2. The «Science cafes» part. Usually cafe supposes spending time in the table-talk. In "Science Café" we offer to save the opportunity of spending time in the usual manner, but to fill it with new meaning and knowledge: direct talks to discuss new knowledge and new scientific and technological achievements. 
In order to accomplish it we offer to:
• equip cafe with exhibits, which induce discussion (it may be similar to the "zones tasks" materials), 
• organize of thematic film viewing and discussion after that
• organize specialized film library
• organize "publicity booth" where participants will receive a certain time to express their views on the subject under discussion
• establish a network of "science cafes"
In addition, we have backlog on the educational products with remote access development, which requires further improvements to the final product (within H2020-SEAC-2015-1 Call for proposals) and can then be used for the purposes of this project.
3. SCI-TVN is ready to carry out a pilot project of “scientific café” in Slovenia and participate in the establishing of "scientific cafes" network.
Project proposer:   Spyros Blatsios (Greece)
Partner role:  Project participant 
Partner organisation:  Research
Call for proposal title:  Call for integrating Society in Science and Innovation 

Call for proposal identifier:  H2020-ISSI-2015-1