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2015-05-23 United Kingdom: Sustainable Energy Applications of the Lorentz Theory


2015-05-23 United Kingdom: Sustainable Energy Applications of the Lorentz Theory

Description of the project offered: 

The project will allow us to determine the potential of a new model of fundamental forces for direct solar, radiation and electrical-in-nature nuclear energy conversion to electricity. Also, the role of the photon gas entropy in hot plasma and solar power systems will be analyzed. The triangle Sagnac experiment will be utilized to study fundamental laws of physics and energy harvesting with alternating or direct current densities close to the field emission limit. 
For two signals starting and ending at the same point, we have the traditional Sagnac experiment, in which the signal path length differences for the sites moving away or toward the propagating light result in the propagation time difference. The result should be identical in the Michelson-type experiment in which the propagation times are measured at two rotating sites. However, there is a zero time difference in numerous Michelson-type experiments (see 
The experimental setup and its optical analogue will serve as a prototype of the solar power system that includes optical reflector-anode, micro/nano-antenna and thermionic/field emission elements directly coupled to capacitive storage. The solar cell itself can act as the spectral filter and dielectric optical cavities can also serve as the antenna.