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2015-05-22 Romania: EUROCULT

2015-05-22 Romania: EUROCULT

Description of the project offered:
Our Consortium need a coordinator and a partner who have the expertise and can take the Project Management for the project “EUROCULT”, call Reflective 2 

The Consortium is composed by University of Ss. Chiril and Metodiu from Slovakia, University Fatih from Turkey, National Institute for Cultural Research and Training from Romania, Pajn Institute-Slovenia, House of National Minorities from Czech Republic, CESIE and INMedia-Italy, Computas AS-Norway. 

The project has 3 pillars: 
-a multidisciplinary research focused on cultural etnic heritage 
-develop and testing the curricula for formal (universities) and non formal (high schools) education

-collecting cultural data’s and develop an IT platform